Gunzilla Games to Bring in GamesUp42 as an Investor

Gunzilla Games to Bring in GamesUp42 as an Investor

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GamesUp24 Group jumped in as the latest entrant in the investor pool for the newly founded gaming studio, Gunzilla. Founded by Vlad Korolev and Alexander Zoll, the studio aims to develop a next-generation multiplayer shooting game.

The studio’s budget has soared up to $35 million with this fresh infusion with the additional $10 million being earmarked for publishing and marketing of the game. With this expansion of the GamesUp42 Group’s portfolio, Igor Ivchenko, the co-founder and CEO, also joined the Board of Gunzilla Games.

With an impressive team of executives coming from several leading studios such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), THQ, and more, they’re on a mission to create engaging, next-generation video game experiences with industry-leading narrative development.

Talking about their latest investment, Ivchenko exclaimed, “Gunzilla is much more than just another game developer for our group.”

“With a truly world-class team, this venture puts us at the forefront of the rapidly growing global game industry. Additionally, we expect to leverage our expertise in data management and marketing to generate continued development of our games ecosystem,” he added.

GamesUp42 brings together an international group of companies offering a wide range of services in the gaming sector such as game development and graphic design, payment and financial management, marketing data analytics, advertising, and publishing, and a lot more.

With combined revenue of over $100 million annually, the group has splurged more than $45 million as investments. The companies under their umbrella have launched more than 20 game titles with over 20 million players worldwide.

Celebrating the investment into the studio, Korolev stated, “GamesUp42 Group’s investment in Gunzilla is a clear testament to the huge potential of our studio and its products.”

He also said, “The primary value in our partnership with GamesUp42 Group comes from the proven track record in analytics and marketing. We expect this will greatly improve the efficiency and revenue generation when it comes to the publishing efforts for our innovative title.”

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