Blockchain Virtual Reality Platform Aftermath Islands Raises $25 Million via Token Sale

Blockchain Virtual Reality Platform Aftermath Islands Raises $25 Million via Token Sale

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The blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform, featuring themed islands, communities, and estate, Aftermath Islands, has raised $25 million through a token sale for metaverse projects. The company has published a press release stating that the sale has been made to the LA-based alternative investment group, LDA Capital.

The company has over twelve thousand members on its Discord channel and more than twenty thousand followers on Twitter. However, the project does not prefer to go on the trajectory of a DAO yet. The platform will feature and generate money through virtual real estate and NFTs that it will use to accelerate its roadmap.

Aftermath Islands would host several events, guilds, and missions, delivering an innovative gaming experience incorporating numerous scenarios. The platform currently offers two purchasing options – plots and parcels. Users can visit the Aftermath Islands website to get more information and invest in the early stages of the project.

Aftermath Islands Managing Director, David Lucatch, highlighted that the company was building a metaverse based on Unreal Engine 5 graphics. Therefore, it will provide a significant upgrade from cartoon-based low-resolution graphics featured in most such applications currently. They have already generated a revenue of over 2 million dollars from six thousand purchases on the platform.

“What makes us unique is we have sort of booked and bookended decentralization,” said Lucatch.

David Lucatch is a member of the Forbes Business Council and is currently working as a co-founder and CEO at Liquid Avatar Technologies. He possesses over 35 years of distinguished experience that he is pouring into the pioneering metaverse startup.

Aftermath Islands is run by core management comprising four people – Robert P. Cole as the Head of Production, Craig McCannel as CFO, Lynn Cumiskey as CCO, and Cara Buckspan as a Marketing Manager. The company was incorporated as a subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies.

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