holoride’s to Roll Out Its In-Car VR Entertainment Platform with Select Audi Models in Germany

holoride’s to Roll Out Its In-Car VR Entertainment Platform with Select Audi Models in Germany

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Extended reality (XR) in-vehicle entertainment technology provider, holoride, has recently announced the launch of its platform in Germany, rolling out with a limited number of Audi vehicles in mid-November.

The add-on package combines a top-tier virtual reality (VR) space with a moving car to deliver a one-of-a-kind immersive experience for the passengers. The company has dubbed this new media paradigm ‘Elastic Content.’ Passengers can enjoy a wide range of apps and games that use live ride info to bring VR content to life.

holoride is an in-motion virtual space, or “Motorverse,” that combines the immersive qualities of VR with real-time vehicle data. Riders can endure engaging and passive content reacting to both them and the car’s motion.

“Despite amazing advances in automotive technology over the last few decades, passenger experience and in-car entertainment has remained largely the same,” stated Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder at holoride.

“Cloudbreakers: Leaving Haven,” created by Schell Games, the company that created Among Us for VR, will be the first experience accessible to holoride users at launch. The Cloudbreakers experience, which will use holoride’s Elastic Content offering, will have players guiding a flying robot through the skies while collecting scrap and blasting AI sentries as they travel to their real-world destination simultaneously.

The company claimed that it could make the user experience more comfortable and bring innovative VR experiences to passengers’ rides. The technology’s use of acceleration, steering, and braking data, which correlates what riders experience outside the Motorverse with what they see in VR, can lessen motion sickness.

“By integrating holoride in our models, we’re redefining in-car entertainment,” said Giorgio Delucchi, Head of Digital Experience/Business at Audi.

At launch, the holoride product will be offered as a component of a “Pioneers’ Pack” for EUR €699.

Following the first year, users can purchase holoride subscriptions for a monthly fee of EUR 19.99 or an annual upfront payment equalling EUR 14.99 per month. According to the company, both options grant access to a library of content that is constantly expanding. The company will add additional content in the coming weeks and months.

holoride announced that after adding Germany as its first new market, it will gradually add more European and Asian markets throughout the year, starting with the US in early 2023.

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