VRMADA Launches a New Open-Source Mixed Reality Tool
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VRMADA Launches a New Open-Source Mixed Reality Tool

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The virtual and augmented reality solutions provider, VRMADA, unveiled a new open-source mixed reality framework for creating enterprise-grade immersive training and gaming experiences called UltimateXR.

The service utilizes Unity’s software agnostic toolkit to facilitate secure cross-platform distribution of virtual reality (VR) training environments designed for frontline workers. The enterprise-grade platform also incorporates rich 3D asset creation services, cutting-edge manipulation mechanics, customizable avatars, locomotion options, and user interface tools.

The company designed UltimateXR to be compatible with several significant headsets and support software development kits (SDKs) for head-mounted devices (HMDs). It can work with Meta Quest, Pico XR, SteamVR, WaveXR, and Windows Mixed Reality frameworks.

The platform also functions across any 3D rendering pipeline, including built-in Universal Render and High-Definition Render Pipelines. It also includes a library of gender and race agnostic hands to foster diversity and representation.

“We released it for free and open-source because we are passionate about our work and love the idea of sharing it with the world. Creating a commercial product or adding a restrictive license would limit the amount of people that can use it,” said Enrique Tromp, the Co-Founder and CTO of VRMADA.

The free service will enable indie developers and educational institutions to take advantage of the company’s technology. Open-sourcing would also allow the community to contribute with new features and make changes to the platform.

The parent company, VRMADA, offers virtual and augmented reality solutions for several known enterprises and governments, such as Cisco, British Airways, Cepsa, and Dubai Customs.

The company’s bespoke immersive learning tools provide its customers the capabilities to enhance the quality of employee training they deliver and augment retention rates during training scenarios. VRMADA also offers mixed reality solutions to help manage dispersed frontline workers working on various tasks, such as operations, maintenance, and field service procedures.

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