SK Telecom Introduces Metaverse Platform ‘ifland’ in 49 Countries

SK Telecom Introduces Metaverse Platform ‘ifland’ in 49 Countries

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The South Korean wireless telecommunications operator, SK Telecom, is simultaneously introducing its metaverse platform ‘ifland’ in 49 countries and regions worldwide.

With the debut of ifland on a global scale, SKT will actively use K-pop content, create more engaging content with international partners, and improve communication features to transform ifland into a leading social metaverse platform on a global scale.

ifland’s international app is accessible for Android and iOS users and supports English, Chinese (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), and Japanese. The platform will update to the new worldwide version of the current ifland app. For instance, when the app is accessed from Korea, it will launch automatically in Korean mode, and when accessed from other countries, it will launch automatically in the global version.

Ifland aims to deliver a novel communication experience within the metaverse with a vision of providing ‘The New Way of Socializing.’

Through collaborations with significant telecommunications providers on each continent, SKT will significantly increase ifland’s global reach. The company collaborates with Singtel in South East Asia and e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

SKT intends to create specialized features specific to each location in collaboration with its international partners. Additionally, they will encourage numerous corporate partnerships and activities connected to the metaverse, including creating well-liked regional content.

The company has also enhanced ifland’s essential features. The platform also incorporates a global lounge within ifland. It provides colorful user avatars to make it easier for individuals who are new to the metaverse to navigate the new realm.

In addition, SKT implemented features like ‘one-on-one direct messaging’ and ‘3D speech bubble’ to improve communication between hosts and guests at events in ifland. The ‘live voting’ feature and the ‘ifme motion sharing’ feature were both implemented to allow users to express their facial expressions through their avatars in real-time.

As of October 2022, ifland has more than 12.8 million users cumulatively, a four-fold increase from the 3 million users it had at the beginning of the year. This growth can be attributed to the platform’s unique content offerings, such as its metaverse material.

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