Nreal to Introduce Bespoke Hand-Tracked Spatial Adverts for AR Environments

Nreal to Introduce Bespoke Hand-Tracked Spatial Adverts for AR Environments

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The leading augmented reality glasses manufacturer, Nreal, announced that the company is exploring innovative immersive advertising opportunities for its latest lineup of products.

The Beijing-based company is creating a unique, tailor-made solution for its hardware to enable brands to place immersive video advertisements spatially within a user’s AR environment. These AR adverts will be delivered through the company’s NrealTV immersive application, which can facilitate shows up to 201 inches in size on virtual screens.

Moreover, the advertising features would also enable customers to skip an advert after five seconds, continue watching at their discretion, interact with different call-to-actions, and more. They also incorporate hand-tracking capabilities allowing users to interact with an advert seamlessly without a controller. For instance, they can skip an ad using a specific hand gesture.

Nreal plans to bring its advertising solution to the market later this year through collaborations with several global brands, such as L’Oreal, Adidas, Gucci, and Bugatti.

The company is heading the ad-tech campaign, while the immersive streaming service, Cinedigm, will manage the distribution of the AR adverts. 

Nreal did not disclose which specific products from its lineup will be included in the update. Nevertheless, the Nreal TV app is widely available across its products, including the ‘Air’ models it recently unveiled in the UK through telecommunications partner EE.

The company is developing a rich lineup of services and events to bring its immersive streaming service to brands and consumers and help add further appeal for companies looking to explore immersive advertising opportunities.

Earlier this month, Nreal’s streaming service expanded its audience through an association with Tour De France partners Orange. The firm will host the Augmented Race application to stream the video of the tour alongside essential race information and visualizations.

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