MATRIX Combines AI with 6DoF Engine for Automatic Metaverse World Generation

MATRIX Combines AI with 6DoF Engine for Automatic Metaverse World Generation

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MATRIX, a MetaReal Group subsidiary, has successfully combined its proprietary engine, which transforms 360-degree images into a six degrees of freedom (6DoF) format using AI, with the automatic generation of metaverse worlds using artificial intelligence. The company claims that ‘Project Genesis,’ an AI-based automatic metaverse world generation technology, and ‘Project Dimensions,’ the company’s 6DoF movement technology, have been successfully integrated by Matrix Genesis Labs (MGL), an advanced technology research prototyping team that examines how various technologies, such as artificial intelligence and Web3, will affect how people live in the metaverse space in the future.

According to MATRIX, the possibility of being able to move freely in an infinite metaverse space continuously created in real-time by AI will be made possible by the company’s success. 

Image distortions that are difficult to translate into a virtual space are currently a problem the company has when using images automatically generated by AI. The company’s 6DoF engine distorts the space entirely when a distorted image is rendered in three dimensions, along with the distortions that result from rendering the image in three dimensions.

MATRIX stated that it would keep advancing the relevant technologies to address the distortion issue.

Project Genesis will initially be available as a beta version on DOKODEMO Door, the company’s reality metaverse platform.

Commenting on the announcement, the company stated: “By having people experience this technology, we will be able to achieve one of the goals of our metaverse project, and at the same time, we will identify and refine the challenges of Project Genesis.”

The creation of virtual environments is the next logical use case for AI, given how widely used it is as a tool for creating everything from images to videos, audio, code, written content, and more. If the AI tools MATRIX claims to have developed prove to be as effective as some of the ones that saw a rise in usage in 2022 (such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and many others), then it may soon be possible for anyone with a 360-degree photo to create virtual worlds for the metaverse.

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