ARway Conducts an Augmented Reality Wayfinding Pilot in a 400,000 sqft Mall

ARway Conducts an Augmented Reality Wayfinding Pilot in a 400,000 sqft Mall

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The no-code spatial computing platform for the real-world metaverse, ARway, has successfully spatially mapped a 400,000 sq ft mall to execute a pilot project using its augmented reality indoor wayfinding solution. Upon successfully completing the pilot, the ARway solution will begin featuring in a dozen additional malls belonging to the same company.

ARway Corporation is disrupting the augmented reality wayfinding market with its innovative no-code, no-beacon spatial computing platform enabled by visual marker tracking.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of ARway, highlighted that the company expected to run over 100 pilot programs across the country in the coming months, with over 90% conversion into multi-year contracts. The paid-for pilot programs last from anywhere between 30 to 90 days.

The most recent announcement is connected to a massive property group owner looking to augment the visitor experience at their malls by deploying immersive AR experiences. They picked ARway’s solution owing to its improved wayfinding user experience and ease of implementation. They are conducting the pilot at one of their properties spread across a floor area of over 400,000 sq ft. The mall offers community-oriented shopping, is a bustling lifestyle and entertainment destination, and hosts 53 international brands. 

The pilot program aims to introduce a ‘digital concierge’ for visitors with AR navigation to shops and amenities. It will include a programmatic AR ad service for brands and tenants and monetize the ‘air space’ within the mall by displaying AR banners and promotions, exclusive offers, and AR gamification. The program will also gather analytics data and test visitor behavior and adoption. The program’s output will include developing a robust implementation plan for other shopping malls and stores.

ARway is currently participating in many such project discussions, which the company will announce shortly. These pilot programs will be held across many countries and industries, such as retail, museums, airports, university campuses, and more.

The ARway offering can facilitate unlimited applications for augmenting physical spaces across the metaverse, enhance indoor navigation with AR activations, and significantly augment visitor experiences in large and complex areas.

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