Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality during COVID
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Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality during COVID

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With the constant advancement in virtual and augmented reality technology, the isolation caused by the COVID-19 lockdown does not have to dampen our emotions. The use of both of these reality technologies can help keep a semblance of normality in our lives.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows for digital information to be superimposed and integrated into the physical environment around us. With a lot of people at home during the lockdown period, augmented reality is a tool that can be used to transform the immediate environment into learning, work, or entertainment space.

Virtual Reality (VR) enables us to leave our physical environment for a virtual world. This is a tool that can help us have periodic changes in the environment as much as we need. It can also be used to still keep in contact with friends and family while we are all quarantined.

From helping to enable online learning to give open access to cultural events and experiences, making use of both augmented and virtual reality could help overcome the isolation of the lockdown period. The examples in each of these areas are both timely and can be built upon as soon as workplaces, schools, and cultural institutions reopen their doors to the public.

Ways to Use Augmented and Virtual Reality

For Online Events and Expos

With the lockdown restriction applying to all events, both augmented and virtual reality find an opportunity to be used. Companies, brands, and agencies are using these technologies to continue providing entertaining experiences for attendees and sponsors.

Online Events

These technologies have become great allies in complementing video calls or online presentations. They help to recreate virtual installations and performing actions in order to eliminate the sense of the lockdown.

For Customer Service

The two technologies are being used in projects linked to customer service areas. They are used to develop dynamic and interactive procedure manuals that enable users to carry out repairs and technical installations on their own.

By providing immersive content, these manuals are able to get more engagement than traditional ones. They therefore, can teach the users new concepts better while saving both time and key resources on the support end.

For Retail

With the temporary closure of physical stores, eCommerce services have skyrocketed. Integrating Augmented and Virtual reality helps to display catalogs and articles in 3D format and real scale in the customers’ surroundings.

This is a solution that can and has been applied to the sale of home appliances, machinery, interior design, art, technology, furniture, architecture, and even fashion. It allows those in the retail sector to continue offering their customers an easy and innovative alternative to physical stores.

For Communication

While we remain socially distant during the lockdown period and for a time after it ends, these technologies are a great way to remain virtually close. These technologies also allow businesses to grow and tackle challenges as they can be used for staff and board meetings, which were put on hold by social distancing.

With better internet connectivity, people can be close to their workplace, friends, family, and loved ones while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

For Education

In addition to helping in the workplace, shopping, and online events, virtual and augmented reality technology can be applied to education as well. Students in different levels of learning need not fear that the lockdown will adversely affect their learning.


These technologies make it possible for students to learn through experiences and immersion. Students can use these tools to have an immersive experience in the classroom while in their homes. They can also be used to complete certain practical lessons risk and cost-free.

For Gaming

This has to be their most popular use as of now.


The use of games and apps that are integrated with these technologies both immerse users in another world and bring the outside world inside.

With the COVID-19 lockdown procedures in place, life does not have to come to a halt and can still continue as usual. With the use of augmented and virtual reality, it is possible to still carry on with our daily activities and still keep up with important people in our lives.


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