Best VR Enterprise Software Companies and Their Key Products

Best VR Enterprise Software Companies and Their Key Products

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Virtual Reality (VR) is not just for individual users. In recent years, more and more companies have been developing enterprise software that helps businesses to streamline their workflows, increase profits, and cut losses. 

This article will examine the best VR enterprise software and the companies behind them.

Pico – All-In-One VR Solutions For Enterprise

Pico is a company offering all-in-one (AIO) solutions for companies that want to implement VR into their business. For starters, Pico has VR headsets that are designed specifically for enterprise clients:

Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye

This is a top-notch VR headset offering 4K resolution, comfortable weight distribution, and several key features. For example, it has the Kiosk Mode, which allows businesses to stream their desired output straight into the headset.

Let’s say a company is participating in an exhibition and wants to show its newest product in the virtual environment. Instead of playing that video manually for every new person who puts on the headset, the Kiosk Mode starts playing the video automatically from the beginning to every new person putting it on.

In addition to these enterprise-level VR headsets, Pico offers software like Pico VR Streaming Assistant and Pico Developer Platform. All of that allows businesses to easily integrate their vision right into the headsets.

MeetinVR ApS – Virtual Meeting Rooms

MeetinVR ApS is a Danish VR software company founded in 2016. It specializes in offering enterprise clients the best possible environment for virtual meetings. VR meetings are much more effective than traditional long-distance solutions, like Zoom or Google Hangouts. The software comes with dozens of useful features that can improve the productivity of any team working in any industry. MeetinVR features optimized interactions, including a virtual tablet that acts as a menu, allowing participants to share files, place objects mid-air, and draw in the air.

Currently, MeetinVR offers seven types of meeting rooms, or as they call them, “Purpose-driven Spaces”:

  1. For Workshops and Presentations: Open space with 32 seats and six sound-isolated breakout areas for separate work.
  2. For Celebrations, Networking, and Team Building: Spacious and luxurious environment for company events. It fits 32 users simultaneously and features several floors with various attractions.
  3. For Highly Focused Conversations: Compact 6-seat room in 12 different environments.
  4. For Brainstorming and Co-Creation: Can fit up to 20 users and features six whiteboards for sharing ideas.
  5. For Keynote Speeches: a 32-seat auditorium with a huge screen that can play desired media files.
  6. For Scrum and other Agile Meetings: 12-seat room for usual company meetings, including updates, stand-ups, and pitches.
  7. For Recording Interviews and Podcasts: A sci-fi studio with two seats on the stage and ten more for spectators allows recording the video from up to 5 different angles.

StriVR – Training Solutions for Enterprise

This company started at Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab, where one of the StriVR founders Derek Belch, developed VR software to train college athletes. Just months after founding the company, it had drawn the attention of professional teams competing in the NBA and NHL.

Such success prompted StriVR to expand its solutions to include other industries, including financial services, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and technology.

Today, the company offers software to train employees in several areas, including operational efficiency, health and safety, customer service, and soft skills. The VR training supplied by StriVR is incredibly effective.

Here are a few examples of the training results of some of its biggest clients:

  1. Walmart: Reduced the duration of pickup tower training by 96% (from 8 hours to 15 minutes).
  2. Fidelity: In 6 months, increased customer satisfaction by 10%.
  3. Verizon: 97% of employees that completed StriVR training felt ready to deal with dangerous situations

Varjo Technologies Oy – Mixed Reality For Designers and Engineers

Varjo Technologies Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2016. It offers solutions for companies striving to improve their product design process. Varjo VR headsets come with unmatched specifications and elaborate software compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, OpenXR, and other 3D applications.

It enables businesses to decentralize their design and engineering workflows and combine teams from different parts of the world. Varjo solutions bring photorealistic prototype building, modification, and sharing tools, completely transforming the traditional product design pipeline.

There’s also Varjo Workspace, a VR environment that brings 3D and 2D together. Instead of constantly switching between working in VR and working on a PC, Varjo Workspace allows designers to use their PCs in VR.

It supports a mouse, keyboard, and an unlimited number of monitors. Furthermore, Varjo Workspace allows seeing the work progress in real-time in the virtual environment. For example, a product designer might be modeling a new package on 3D modeling software and see a 3D model appear right in front of their eyes.

The Hewlett-Packard Company – VR Software Management

It’s not just new startups offering VR software to enterprise clients. Even well-established IT giants like HP are spending resources on developing such solutions.

HP offers HP ExtendXR software for businesses utilizing VR in their workflow. This solution can support as many as 5,000 individual VR headsets and allows you to remotely set them up, install updates, and much much more.

ExtendXR also collects device and session analytics, revealing useful data on employee performance. Such a VR device manager is a must for every business taking advantage of VR technology.

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