Strivr Introduces a Partner Program to Accelerate VR Adoption for Enterprise Applications

Strivr Introduces a Partner Program to Accelerate VR Adoption for Enterprise Applications

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Aiming to provide immersive experiences to the Fortune 1000, Strivr, the premier platform for enterprise-scale Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, announced the establishment of the Strivr VR Adoption Partner Program, an ecosystem connecting content, technology, and services providers.

The key partners are Accenture, DDI, PICO, Insight, Start Beyond, Qualcomm, Strategos, and VMware. They have joined Strivr in its mission to elevate work engagement and maximize the value of VR in the enterprise.

Organizations continue to face challenges in attracting, supporting, and retaining employees, and they are increasingly looking to invest in more engaging and impactful skill development programs as important initiatives. Many are adopting immersive technologies, having witnessed the impact of VR on employee performance, engagement, and retention.

The Strivr Partner Program aims to improve productivity and expand VR’s potential for the enterprise in developing workforce performance at scale.

“Since our inception, Strivr has been obsessed with helping our customers find ways to engage their teams better and enhance performance,” said Derek Belch, founder and CEO of Strivr.

With this new partner program, the company intends to establish the benchmark for at-scale enterprise VR deployment and welcome an ecosystem of partners that share its enthusiasm in bringing this to life with some of the biggest businesses in the world. 

Strivr’s platform is being used to fulfill the rising demand for enterprise-grade solutions that meet strict criteria across usability, security, procurement, and compliance while accelerating the adoption of VR at scale, with approximately 2 million sessions already completed in VR.

Strivr partners will work to maintain this momentum as part of the expanding ecosystem while also establishing connections with cutting-edge Fortune 1000 companies developing immersive use cases to improve real-world performance.

“PICO and Strivr have been collaborating together for years to deliver top-tier immersive solutions to enterprise users,” said Amir Khorram, Director, PICO. “Strivr’s platform has helped customers reduce costs, become more analytical and intentional with their training environments, and deliver world-class content for users who demand the best.”

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