Stratford to get its own VR game center – ‘VR You’
VR You

Stratford to get its own VR game center – ‘VR You’

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A new virtual reality game center, “VR You,” will focus on allowing people to immerse themselves in virtual reality gaming.

Matt Tofts, who will be opening this VR game center, has secured premises in Stratford, where the gaming center will begin with 3 machines offering various games. VR You’s top priority is making the experience Covid-safe for users.

“I’ve been looking for a site for it for a while but Covid has been the way. I don’t think there’s ever a good or bad time to do anything. We’re still building Ninja Warrior parks at the moment – the clients are spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands because ultimately when we come to the point when we can open, the chances of being able to go on a foreign holiday are probably slim-to-none without any quarantine on the way back.” – Matt Tofts.

“There’s a big difference between your Oculus, which you might have at home, to the HTC Vive Pros that we’ve got, which have their base stations and wiring – it’s a completely different thing. These are the next generation. There are few markets. We will have things like Google VR, where you can travel around the world and drop yourself on the Eiffel Tower and have a walk around, to shoot them up, to tactical games to getting three mates and joining the games together.” – Matt.

The VR games will include tactical and non-violent games aimed at younger people and more gore-filled experiences for a mature group of players. There are 120+ games, and all are rated according to their content.

Matt’s main aim is to get VR You up and running and making sure it is Covid-secure. All the VR machines are 2.5m apart, and all the headsets and hand control devices are cleaned and disinfected quickly.

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