Play Ramayana in VR Now
Ramayana VR

Play Ramayana in VR Now

Infinito Gaming Studio, a VR and AR studio, has ventured into a project presenting mythological stories in the minds of people. As part of the company’s initiative, Infinito has chosen to produce the classic mythological Ramayana using virtual reality using the first-of-its-kind story-telling style.

“My aim is to reach all the young generations and make it easy for them to learn about mythology. This is the first time we are making Ramayana into virtual reality. We are launching it in three languages and later it will be translated into ten more languages. The response to the trailer was amazing.” – Vamshi Krishna, CEO, Infinito Gaming Studio.

Infinito has so far witnessed a great response to the teaser of Ramayana, which was released lately. The Ramayana in VR360 will have twelve episodes with a duration of 12 to 15 minutes per episode. It will be released on OTT platform for VR and 3D films, which will be launched in October.

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