‘Farpoint’ Studio Impulse Gear Is All Set to Launch a New VR Game This Year

‘Farpoint’ Studio Impulse Gear Is All Set to Launch a New VR Game This Year

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The studio behind the remarkable PSVR exclusive Farpoint (2017), Impulse Gear, announced that it has been working on a new VR game which is set to be launched later this year.

The studio has pretty much been dormant apart from the handful of post-launch updates to Farpoint. Nevertheless, more than three and a half years after the launch of Farpoint, it’s time for a new VR game to hit the market.

The quality of Farpoint and its innovative support of PS Aim made the game incredible. So, it’s good news that Impulse Studio is developing another VR title. However, not much is known about it yet apart from a sleek-looking ‘L’ logo which links to a ‘Decrypted Message’ audio file.

The Decrypted Message sounds something like an alien voice that says, “You having trouble in violence to bring peace… leeches of [unintelligible] [unintelligible]… we know the way. It is this way… to the left and then in words.”

It definitely hints towards something sci-fi but it’s not enough to gauge if it’s a new game or a sequel to Farpoint.

However, it can be speculated that it’s not a direct sequel considering the current market scenario. Farpoint was a PSVR exclusive title, and while Sony recently announced it’s working on a next-gen PSVR headset that is not going to hit the shelves in 2021. But Impulse Gear is all set for a launch this year itself.

This suggests that either the studio is planning to launch the new game for some other VR headset or it’ll be at the tail-end of the original PSVR’s lifespan.

Whatever the case may be, several players and even developers will be looking forward to a “full reveal and announcement soon.”

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