Educational Game Studio Kuato Raises $6.1 million for a VR Project
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Educational Game Studio Kuato Raises $6.1 million for a VR Project

Kuato Studios, the UK-based educational game developer, received £4.5 million ($6.1 million) in funding for the development of their next virtual reality title called the Panic Room and also to invest in future VR initiatives.

Horizons Ventures led the investment round and aims to assist the studio in developing several ‘compelling and memorable virtual reality experiences’.

The two-player escape room built for Oculus Rift uses the company’s patented ‘Actor/Director’ platform. It enables the players to interact with each other within a shared online space. One of the players gets to put on the VR headset and play the role of the ‘Actor,’ while another one controls them in the role of the ‘Director.’

The company believes that the parents and teachers are going to enormously benefit through this technology. The platform will ‘elevate VR from a typically solo activity to a more interactive and shared experience’, as claimed by the company.

Mark Horneff, Managing Director ar Kuato, said, “Our aim is to create compelling and memorable virtual reality experiences where gamers of all ages can share moments with their friends online. Our model offers a simple, social, and cost-effective solution.”

“Our vision is to test out the technology with Panic Room and then extend it to our library of games, which align with Kuato’s education-driven ethos where children can learn and play, whilst parents, carers, or teachers can oversee gameplay,” he added.

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