The U.S. Air Force Can Use VR and AR to Train Pilots
U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force Can Use VR and AR to Train Pilots

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The use of VR could become a larger part of the new reality in how the U.S. Air Force trains their pilots. The U.S. Air Force last month announced the introduction of VTTC (Virtual Test and Training Center), a USD 38 million center. It will support Air Force pilots to practice that can simulate combat scenarios.

CBS News reported that private sector initiative is led by retired fighter pilot Dan Robinson, who has founded a startup to develop AR tech for fighter pilot training.

Robinson said that the VR racing game was the motivation for the startup, Red 6. However, it was augmented reality that could best work as a training tool. AR tech allows fighter pilots to train against virtual aircraft in a simulated environment.  

Safer Training Tools

The Air Force’s VR Procedures Trainer is used by student pilots to train for combat. It gives students real-time feedback that lessens the chance that they grow poor habits in the early stages of training. 

“This effort started from the ground up, and now, we are working with two major commands and have a VR room with its own unique and innovative design.” – 317th MXG instructors Tech. Sgt. Timothy Hogge.  

Addressing Pilot Shortage 

AR and VR are also used to address the issue of pilot shortages. 

The VTTC will also discuss pilot production, where fighter pilots can train both in both live and virtual setup.

“It’s a significant step forward to enable testing tactics development and advanced training for the Air Force, joint and coalition partners.” – Peter Zupas, U.S. Air Force Warfare Center (USAFWC) operational training and test infrastructure analyst.

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