Teaser Image of Possible AR Eyeglasses Shared by Niantic CEO
Niantic AR glasses

Teaser Image of Possible AR Eyeglasses Shared by Niantic CEO

CEO of the Pokémon GO developer Niantic, John Hanke, shared a teaser image of a Niantic-branded AR headset on Twitter that could be a first-party head-mounted wearable. The news is in sync with the company’s aggressive push towards augmented reality.

“Exciting to see the progress we’re making to enable new kinds of devices that leverage our platform,” the executive stated with an image of eyeglass temples with the Niantic name in bright orange.

The company has been active in the augmented reality hardware space of late. It is also possible that they have collaborated with a startup for a branding partnership but the cryptic image crop hints towards a first-party product.

This could also be a device belonging to the ‘smart glasses’ category that focuses on incorporating audio or camera functionality into a pair of glasses. The company has previously talked of its partnership with Qualcomm aimed at refining their reference design for their XR hardware platform.

“We are on an ambitious mission to turn the world into an Augmented Reality canvas which games and other applications can paint on top of,” the listing said. “This future is fully realized on AR Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). Niantic’s Engineering Team is seeking an inspirational leader to oversee the engineering direction to help build an AR operating system for HMDs and enable applications for millions of Niantic players.”

The company has been making the headlines consistently in the recent past. Just last week, it announced an  AR title based on Pikmin, another Nintendo collaboration following its wildly successful Pokémon title. A proof-of-concept version of Pokémon GO running on Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 was also unveiled earlier this month.

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