Snapchat All Set to Hop on the AR Glasses Bandwagon
Snapchat AR Glasses

Snapchat All Set to Hop on the AR Glasses Bandwagon

The company behind the popular picture-sharing social media app, Snap, has reportedly been working on a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses.

As per the reports, the company is looking to develop an upgraded version of its Spectacles. Unlike the previous generations that were primarily designed for taking first-person photos and uploading them to Snapchat, the new device will also deliver an augmented reality experience to the users.

The target market for the product is not going to be the end consumers but rather developers and creators, who are the creative brains behind Snapchat’s most popular augmented reality feature, called lenses.

The information hints towards the fact that the company is expecting these developers to create software experiences that can work on the new glasses, which could ultimately be offered to the consumers. The exclusivity for the creators, in the beginning, could possibly be aimed at evaluating the product’s potential before it is launched for the consumers.

On one hand, companies like Apple aren’t in line to reveal their AR glasses anytime soon, and on the other one, Snap is planning to showcase its product at its developer conference in May. The fact the company has previously talked about adding augmented reality features to its existing line of products doesn’t make this seem like a huge surprise.

Nevertheless, the launch of this product could provide a firm foundation for future AR products to come from the likes of Niantic, Apple, and Facebook.

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