TeamViewer and NSF Partner to Digitize the Food Industry with a Cutting-Edge AR Solution
digitize the Food Industry with AR Solution

TeamViewer and NSF Partner to Digitize the Food Industry with a Cutting-Edge AR Solution

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The leading provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, TeamViewer, has signed a new commercial agreement with NSF International Food Safety, LLC, a global public health and safety organization.

The two entities aim to accelerate the growth of wearable software EyeSucceed, a robust augmented reality (AR) application based on TeamViewer’s enterprise AR platform Frontline. The technology can digitize processes and tackle critical challenges in the food industry.

NSF has successfully integrated EyeSucceed to empower workers with AR-based workflows in the food and beverage industry. For instance, a global fast-food restaurant chain uses the tech to ensure an international quality standard in training and onboarding new employees.

John Rowley, Vice President of the Global Food Division at NSF International, said, “TeamViewer’s AR specialists have been dedicated and collaborative partners of ours since 2015 when EyeSucceed was first created. Together with TeamViewer, we will help food businesses around the world to reduce risk, improve compliance and strengthen their brands. This collaboration will define the standard for AR applications in the global food supply chain.”

Jan Junker, Executive Vice President of Solution Delivery at TeamViewer, stated, “The use of voice- and eye-controlled AR applications giving step-by-step instructions to workers on smart glasses is game-changing for the food industry. Companies can digitize their workplaces while keeping their workers’ hands 100 percent free to perform their tasks faster and better and to stick to all hygiene regulations at the same time. Customers who optimize their processes with our Frontline solution confirm double-digit increases in efficiency and close-to-zero error rates.”

“We are looking forward to teaming up with NSF International to bring these benefits to more customers in the food industry and beyond,” he added.

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