Showpad and Threekit partners to enhance buyer experience by offering AR and enhanced 3D visualization
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Showpad and Threekit partners to enhance buyer experience by offering AR and enhanced 3D visualization

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Showpad, a global sales enablement provider, and Threekit have signed a partnership agreement to introduce augmented reality and enhanced 3D visualization to Showpad’s platform. It will strengthen buyer engagement and increase the effectiveness of sales experiences virtually.

Through this deal, enterprises that sell physical products can utilize Threekit’s technology to configure augmented reality and 3D content inside the Showpad platform in real-time. It will produce immersive product experiences for buyers.

Enterprises with complicated, customizable, or extensive product lines to sell like medical devices, home furnishings, building materials, and consumer products find it hard to educate and engage buyers on product options. Helping buyers visualize a wide range of product offerings is exceedingly tricky, whether in a virtual sales environment or in-person.

“As sales conversations increasingly shift to virtual environments, it’s more challenging than ever before for sellers to engage buyers. With Threekit’s visualization technologies, sellers now have a highly engaging way to deliver the best buying experience by allowing their prospects and customers to configure specific products and then see exactly how they look. This is a game-changer in today’s complex and competitive selling environment.” – Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Showpad.

“Sales enablement is an incredibly important part of building a great sales team and Showpad is an amazing solution for teams to communicate value more effectively. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Showpad so that now, any Showpad customer can also engage buyers with interactive 3D and AR to drive more confidence and faster sales.” – Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit.

Showpad and Threekit have built an industry-defining solution to assist sellers in delivering visually immersive and engaging buyer experiences. Here buyers can virtually experience products making it easier for them to decide. Showpad, a sales enablement platform, offers sales teams a simple way to navigate product content and drive sales conversations more effectively.

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