Lighting Showroom Association and LEVAR Bring AR to the Residential Lighting Space

Lighting Showroom Association and LEVAR Bring AR to the Residential Lighting Space

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The leading provider of augmented reality and 3D ‘view in your space’ tech, LEVAR, has announced a partnership with the Lighting Showroom Association (LSA). The two entities aim to introduce AR and 3D technologies to the residential lighting and fan sector.

The LSA Augmented Reality program will provide LEVAR access to LSA member showrooms and manufacturers. It will enable the company to quickly and easily integrate immersive AR and 3D technology with its eCommerce and in-store shopping experiences.

LSA members can now offer their customers engaging 3D and AR product experiences, whether they are making purchases in-person or online. LEVAR’s high fidelity and precise-to-scale AR models answer the question of “how will this look/fit/feel” in any environment.

“Lighting is a unique and personal experience for shoppers – from where and at what height it will be placed to how the details will accent a room. It is also challenging to envision a fixture without seeing it in the correct space,” said Lisa Bartlett, Director of the Lighting Showroom Association.

With genuinely lifelike 3D and AR lighting models, LEVAR has found a way to help manufacturers and showrooms increase conversion rates, cut down on expensive returns, and improve the customer experiences they deliver.

Contractors, architects, and consumers can learn more and shop for lighting and fans at the best location possible, thanks to the LSA Augmented Reality program. It equips independent showrooms and manufacturers with the essential techniques they need to compete with big-box retailers.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this program with LSA,” said Tre Lucas, CEO and co-founder of LEVAR. “We know that AR experiences are not only transformative for retailers – improving sales, increasing average order value and time-on-site or in-store – but also for shoppers. LSA is leading the lighting industry in offering this technology to its members.”

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