InVeris introduces Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics, its advanced training solution
Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics

InVeris introduces Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics, its advanced training solution

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InVeris Training Solutions has released the details of Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics (VR-DT), the company’s advanced training solution. The solution uses fully immersive virtual reality tech for training de-escalation in various important and real-world situations. CA POST (Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training) will be the solution’s launch customer.

California POST chose VR-DT in August 2020 through a competitive procurement method for its VR Force Options Simulator requirement. InVeris Training Solutions will provide 50 systems during the first 6 months as part of a $2.6M contract with the possibility for up to $5M in other systems and related equipment.

InVeris will provide 100 scenarios with branching options, also additional ten state-mandated scenarios every year of the contract. Besides, a scenario authoring tool will allow content creators to enhance realism further.

“California POST’s selection of InVeris’ new VR-DT reinforces our company’s position as the world leader in law enforcement simulation training, now delivered via virtual reality. The VR-DT will put California law enforcement on the leading edge of force-option simulation training thanks to the unique immersive capabilities of virtual reality.” – Andrea Czop, VP, Sales & Marketing, InVeris Training Solutions.

The VR-DT allows private and military security forces and law enforcement agencies to maximize aptness and correctly educate students for field experiences. The solution combines the latest hardware, software, and a content library that is continuously growing. Different types of equipment and weapons can be accommodated, including simulated rifles, pistols, shotguns, TASERs, batons, flashlights, and OC sprays.

“The VR-DT builds on nearly four decades of experience designing projection-based systems but provides even greater realism. Two officers training in a tactical scenario will benefit from their viewpoints and spatial orientation while still being tested on their verbal and physical actions. Moreover, after-action review of decision-making in such situations will be enhanced thanks to the precise tracking and playback of trainee movements in their respective virtual spaces.” – Eric Perez, Director of virtual systems sales.

VR-DT’s development is an evolution of InVeris’ FATS (Firearms Training Systems)and recognizes the growing focus and inspection on law enforcement training. National, state, and community leaders are focusing on issues like de-escalation, active shooters, and crisis intervention. The Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics (VR-DT) will help improve the conveyance of proper decision-making skills.

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