Illinois Hospital Equips Itself for AR-based Spinal Surgeries
AR Spinal Surgery

Illinois Hospital Equips Itself for AR-based Spinal Surgeries

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Illinois hospital, Reverside, becomes the first one in the state to be equipped for augmented reality spinal surgery. Using the projected image of a patient’s internal structures, the surgeons would be able to conduct the procedure more effectively with assistance from the technology.

“With brain or spine surgery, every millimeter counts,” stated Dr. Juan Jimenez, Neurosurgeon and Medical Director of Riverside Neurosciences Institute.

“Augmented reality gives us clear visualization of the area we are working in, along with being able to literally ‘see’ things we can’t in the incision area,” he added.

A headset or a nearby screen can be used to access clearer visuals for the operating area, created with the help of scans as well as real-time data. Jimenez explained that the lightning-fast image processing system facilitates real-time visualization without any lag between the surgeon’s movements and the screen’s display.

A partnership with Brainlab for the company’s Zeiss Kinevo Microscope helped the institution to bring the technology to the state.

On the other hand, even the patients benefit from such procedures as the surgeons can operate through far smaller incisions that lead to better outcomes. It even reduces post-op pain, enhances mobility, and lessens blood loss.

“Riverside’s continuing commitment to better technology shows our pledge to ensure the best patient experience,” Jimenez said.

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