USA TODAY Launches the Brackets Competition with AR Hoops Experience
AR Hoops Experience

USA TODAY Launches the Brackets Competition with AR Hoops Experience

With an outreach of over 53 million sports fans each month, USA TODAY Sports Media Group launched its annual Brackets competition along with an AR experience. For the first time, the competition will consist of playable brackets for both the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Snapper, a leading commercial and industrial turf care equipment provider belonging to Briggs & Stratton’s products group, is presenting this edition of the Brackets competition. Registration began on March 8th, at

“The NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments have produced some legendary games over the years, and at Snapper, we’re excited to be a part of the 2021 USA TODAY brackets,” stated Harold Redman, Senior Vice President of Briggs & Stratton’s products group.

“As fans, we’ve played the brackets for years. As a partner, we can’t think of a better way to share our brand with other fans as well as our dealers and employees.” 

Called the ‘Couchketball Hoops Challenge’, the first web-based augmented reality web experience for this year’s competition has been created by USA TODAY’s Emerging Tech team. The experience provides sports fans with an opportunity to virtually shoot hoops and score as many points as possible across three levels of difficulty. They can also post these scores and invite their friends to the platform through social media.

To take part in the competition, fans must create a bracket at All brackets should be completed and submitted by the onset of the tournament which is 11:45 AM ET on March 19th for Men and 11:45 AM ET on March 21st for Women.

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