Volkswagen’s ID.4 to Be Sold through an Augmented Reality Showroom
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Volkswagen’s ID.4 to Be Sold through an Augmented Reality Showroom

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The pandemic has forced the entire global market to shift online and the auto industry is no exception. In a bid to showcase their remarkable creations to the world, several car manufacturers have started taking the virtual road. Whether it’s Porsche’s virtual stand at the Beijing Motor Show or Ford’s virtual car showcasing; virtual reality and augmented reality have paved their way into the industry.

Nevertheless, for a few automakers, it is simply a medium to let their customers experience the product. Volkswagen has decided to employ the technology to let its potential buyers of a select few models including the ID.4, to uncover the finer details of their desired vehicle.

The automaker has launched a mobile application to roll out the platform to its potential buyers. The Taos would also be featuring as a part of this virtual showroom.

David Galbraith, the Director of Experiential Marketing and Brand Partnerships at Volkswagen of America, said, “This app enables your driveway or living room to become a showroom. You can walk around the vehicle, spin it, and examine it from all angles.”

The objective of the platform is to let you visualize how your chosen car would look in your driveway or garage. All you need to do is scan a QR code and you would be able to access the app right from your mobile web browser.

The ambitious project took an international team of 17 individuals to develop the platform and it was specifically created as a browser-based module to ensure compatibility for everyone.

Maybe Volkswagen’s customers are the first few to get the experience but eventually, the entire industry will pick up on the trend as it’s inevitable considering the current scenario. And it’s actually cool to be able to customize your car and put it on your driveway virtually before you actually go out to the showroom, isn’t it?

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