IKEA partners with SPACE10 for digital experiments examining the role of tech at home

IKEA partners with SPACE10 for digital experiments examining the role of tech at home

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IKEA has partnered with SPACE10, a Danish design and research lab, for a set of digital experiments that examine how technology could improve people’s interactions with spaces at home and refine their everyday lives.

The partnership initiated Everyday Experiments to explore EverydayExperiments.com and focuses on different themes, including Play and Learn, Design and Organize, and Privacy and Trust.

Through various digital experiments corresponding to these themes, Everyday Experiments reimagines how everyone can have meaningful relationships with technology in their everyday lives. The investigations focus on augmented reality, machine learning, spatial intelligence, and A.I. 

IKEA and SPACE10 partnered with artist and designer Yuri Suzuki for Sound Bubbles. This experiment envisions scanning a room with a phone/tablet to produce a zone of localized silence in specific areas around the home. With Sound Bubbles, a living room can easily be converted to an office, while a kitchen can be converted to a call center.

Using AR, 3D reconstruction, and spatial awareness, this experiment envisions the ability to create shelf space just by looking at the wall.

“Throughout this past year, technology played its most integral role in keeping us connected to our families, our work, our hobbies. At times, we felt enabled by technology. Other times it felt hard to escape. At IKEA, the home should always be about people first.”

“By letting technology into our homes, we wanted to explore how it can be part of our everyday lives, while making sure we still feel safe and free in our spaces. It is integral to us at IKEA that as we continue to stay better connected with people through technology, that we place high value on privacy and preserving the boundaries between public and private.” – Fredrik Axén, Digital Manager, Core business franchise, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

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