Eyecandylab develops synced augmented reality experience for on-demand streaming
Synced augmented reality

Eyecandylab develops synced augmented reality experience for on-demand streaming

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Eyecandylab, an interactive video-tech company, is working with Redbull TV and Google to drive what the company is calling a first-of-its-kind AR experience.

Eyecandylab has recently published a version of “The Last Ascent” documentary with a synced augmented reality setup for on-demand video streaming. This AR experience can be found on Redbull TV app via Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV. Buyers will have to scan the TV screen with the app to show the augmented reality content relevant to that particular user for that moment in the story. The tech, produced by Eyecandylab, expands the TV screen’s linear video content with an interactive and immersive experience through the user’s phone, AR glasses, and tablet.

According to Eyecandylab the experience will let users explore the impact of climate change by engaging them with interactive and immersive 3D content projected directly in their living room.

“As the documentary progresses from one location to another on the way up Kilimanjaro, memories, and photographs of the 2014 trip play a crucial part in the story line. The integration of AR technology with the Red Bull TV app enables you to connect with the story on a deeper level.” – Statement by Eyecandylab.

Eyecandylab developed advanced mobile technology such as increasingly available 5G connectivity, real time 3D graphics rendering by Unity, and computer vision software as the important factors for launching the new functionality.

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