De Watère Introduces the TEN21 Champagne with an AR Twist
TEN21 Champagne with an AR Twist

De Watère Introduces the TEN21 Champagne with an AR Twist

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With TEN21, De Watère has lived up to its reputation by launching the bottles of this Cuvée not only full-body UV-activated sleeves but also an augmented reality twist. Making this the first Champagne ever to sport the technology, De Watère arose to being a trailblazer in the luxury Champagne space.

AR is going to help the customers interact with the De Watère’s logo and the guardian of values within the brand, Theodore the Gryphon, who is going to act surprised about coming to life as are the customers themselves.

“We see AR as one of the most interesting channels to enter into a whole new kind of dialogue with our customers in the medium term. The possibilities are endless! They’re only being limited by current technology”, says Konorza, Founder and Président of De Watère.

The bottle will have a QR code that will redirect the customers towards an app that they can download to meet Theodore and access the experience.

The bottle features the signature white-and-blue colors of De Watère under normal light and switching on UV/black light will reveal the hidden design and light up the entire bottle. The customers will witness pairs of Gryphons who toast each other with tiny champagne glasses on the occasion of De Watère’s 10th anniversary.

“I brought everything I have learned over a decade in the luxury industry to this cuvée and its design”, exclaimed Konorza.

“We truly have created something totally new. On the one hand, we succeeded in expressing the high quality of De Watère in a whole new taste aspect. On the other hand, the design of the bottles is ahead of the curve: TEN21 is the first Champagne ever featuring Augmented Reality.”

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