Chewy’s New AR Experience Lets Pets Virtually Try On Halloween Costumes
Chewy’s New AR Experience

Chewy’s New AR Experience Lets Pets Virtually Try On Halloween Costumes

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Chewy, a leading online destination for pets and pet parents, is charting a new digital path for pets with the Fur-tual Boutique, the first-ever augmented reality experience where dogs and cats can virtually dress up in Halloween costumes. This experience brings full-body try-on capabilities for pets to the AR world – something that has never been done before.

The Fur-tual Boutique allows pet parents to choose from seven popular Chewy-exclusive Frisco costumes they want their pet to virtually try on, including the Killer Doll, Werewolf, Granny, Country Singer, Cowboy, Teddy Bear and Superhero. By uploading a photo of their pet or taking a photo through the platform, pet parents can then adjust the fit of their chosen 3D costume to visualize what it would look like on their pet. An innovative silhouetting tool isolates pets’ faces and bodies so that only the chosen costume style and pet image is shown. Pet parents can also choose to have their pets’ image displayed on a themed Halloween background or within the native environment of their original photo.

“We love nothing more than celebrating the special connection between pet parents and their pets, especially during holidays like Halloween,” said Diane Pelkey, vice president of Communications & PR at Chewy. “Our unique Fur-tual Boutique represents the first-ever virtual try-on experience for the pet community. It’s the perfect way to find the best costumes for your pet and to share some priceless, adorable Halloween pictures with family and friends.”

At the end of the experience, users receive a custom image of their furry friend wearing their favorite costume to share on social media. They can also visit Chewy’s Halloween Shop directly from the platform to check out these seven costumes and shop Chewy’s full assortment of costumes, apparel, accessories, toys and treats.

Additionally, pet parents who share their personalized photos on social media tagging @Chewy with the hashtag #HairyNotSoScary will be entered to win fun prizes that will arrive in time for celebrating Halloween.

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