BUNDLAR Recognized as the Most Innovative Augmented Reality Startup for 2021
BUNDLAR the Most Innovative Augmented Reality Startup 2021

BUNDLAR Recognized as the Most Innovative Augmented Reality Startup for 2021

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The accessible web-based platform that provides a no-code, drag-and-drop interface for authoring, editing, and publishing augmented reality experiences, BUNDLAR, has won the 2021 ‘Most Innovative Augmented Reality Startup’ Small Business Award.

The Small Business Awards felicitates companies that have developed successful and innovative products and services, gathered a remarkable reputation within their industry, and have a brilliant track record for customer satisfaction.

“Augmented reality is the future of how we interact with content, and our mission is to make it as accessible as possible,” said Matthew Wren, BUNDLAR Founder, President, and CTO. “Our innovative software is speeding up the adoption of this technology and successfully delivering the results our clients want and need,” he added.

What sets the BUNDLAR apart from the rest of the AR development platforms is its ability to bundle augmented reality experiences. It allows users to launch multiple experiences bundled together through a single QR code or Bundle code, eliminating the need to establish numerous triggers.

The platform also enables the users to analyze interactions and update their experiences to improve results and optimize content delivery. Moreover, ‘bundling’ ensures the stability of the AR experiences in the cloud, which the end-users can then download.

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