Black History Month Program to Get an AR Platform through a Partnership with ImagineAR
Black History Month

Black History Month Program to Get an AR Platform through a Partnership with ImagineAR

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In a bid to support the BlackOwned Institute for its Black History Month initiatives, ImagineAR will be providing its augmented reality self-service platform.

The after school initiative program is managed by which aims to unite and catalyze the efforts of black entrepreneurs to generate value in American society. The ImagineAR app will be used by educators and students to deliver video messages from educational influencers upon scanning the historical images.

BlackOwned Institute CEO, Pamela Nichols, stated, “Our mission is to help African Americans learn about their heritage by overhauling how Black history is taught in schools.” 

“We are excited to launch our Black History Month program featuring ImagineAR’s augmented reality platform available on any mobile phone which will enhance our distribution and help build our AR network for future programs,” she added.

To extend the program awareness and create a fun environment for students, ImagineAR’s platform will create trophy cards to be shared on social media in the future.

“We are proud to support the BlackOwned and their Black Owned Institute for their enhanced school outreach program,” said ImagineAR Sales VP Neal Bendesky.

“Pamela Nichols and [] CEO Quentin Anderson’s commitment as a stakeholder in African historical studies is the type of leadership that represents necessary strides in our country. We’re excited to utilize our platform to create social media activations and build the BlackOwned AR community as they strive to generate support for their youth education activities.”

The primary location for activating all augmented reality elements for the Black History Month program has been chosen as The participants for the program can download the ImagineAR app from the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

Anderson said, “ is about cutting-edge technology, education, health and entertainment. We are looking forward to engaging with students globally and adding more partners to grow our program. ImagineAR’s advanced platform with business links can help us accomplish our objectives.”

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