Augmented Reality to help Wrightsboro Elementary Connect with Teachers, Students, Families
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality to help Wrightsboro Elementary Connect with Teachers, Students, Families

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Using Argo Play software, which brings normal pieces of paper to life, Wrightsboro Elementary School is all set to connect teachers, students, and families this holiday season.

The school’s Math Instructional Coach, Jessica Nichols, discovered the platform that uses augmented reality for the purpose. “This particular app allows us to add media on top of printed or digital material and link videos, animation, pictures, links, any possible media you could think of,” she said.

Being the first person from the United States to reach out to the company, she got extensive training and a free license to put the software to use.

Using the augmented reality-powered platform, she helped bring the students’ handmade ornaments to life along with the other teachers. The students were instructed about the usage of the app on their classroom iPads and a sheet filled with the interactive ornaments was sent to their homes for review and practice.

The app presents a simple and intuitive interface where all you need to do is scan the ornaments to watch videos of students singing, working through math problems, and a lot more.

Even the support staff at the school were amazed by the project. School Principal, Delores Overby, said that she even overheard Christmas music playing in the cafeteria as the food was being prepared.

She exclaimed, “They were singing along and it just sounded like such a lovely place to be and work and prepare food.” Upon asking the manager about the person behind the voice, she found out that it was Ms. Sophia.

The cafeteria ornament singing ‘The Christmas Song’ features Ms. Sophia.

As the pandemic has forced everyone to be isolated, the technology hopes to bring together teachers, students, and families at the time of the year, symbolized by joy and togetherness.

“Hopefully through this, the connectedness they will feel and be a part of, that they feel just as connected to their child’s classroom as they’ve ever felt before,” Overby remarked.

Nichols stated, ​”This is a way for students and families to be connected. As well as for students to be…I feel like it empowers them.”

“It gives them that process of ‘I can create augmented reality?’ Yes! You can create augmented reality. It is possible to put that in your hands,” she added.

Nichols believes that technology has the potential to be used in classrooms all across the district soon.

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