Apple Car may use augmented reality for windshield HUD
Apple Car

Apple Car may use augmented reality for windshield HUD

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Apple Car’s windshield may present the driver with an AR view for hazard avoidance, lane control, and otherwise clouded details of the environment.

Previously Apple has been studying how a HUD (heads-up display) could project information onto the windshield of the car. Now it’s considering what information it should be displaying.

The AR display can incorporate an indicator of the vehicle speed. The indicator could be positioned according to the speed of the car relative to the speed limit.

“The augmented reality display can include display elements which indicate a position of environmental objects which are obscured from direct perception,” as per the patent.

The patent is mostly concerned with how to assist the driver, but there are factors that include driverless navigation. 

“In some embodiments, the [Vehicle Navigation System (VNS)] can autonomously control one or more vehicle control elements.. to cause the vehicle to be autonomously navigated along one or more driving routes through the environment,” as per the patent.

The Apple car generates and supports a world model or the data required to provide accurately-positioned augmented reality. It does so at least in part upon data obtained from a remote service, device, system, etc., through communication networks.

Three inventors are credited with this patent, including Karlin Y. Bark. Past patents by Bark include AirPods, which could detect gestures.

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