This new AR app reveals the hidden history of Wirral
AR app reveals the hidden history of Wirral

This new AR app reveals the hidden history of Wirral

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A new AR app has been announced that unveils the hidden stories of Wirral.

The project has been designed by Alan Dunn, who designed Ray and Julie chairs sculpture on London Road.

Users have to visit to use the free digital art app to place AR sculptures on their travels that share stories and secret connections to where they find themselves.

The project is intended to explore Wirral’s present folklore and social history through stories. It was designed with the cooperation of seven artists, including Alan, visiting three locations – New Ferry, Port Sunlight, and Spital – with the purpose of revealing the secret history of those places.

Alan stated that the concept started in lockdown when he started walking his dog and started to travel in more detail the Spital neighborhood on his doorstep.

The ultimate result is that 30 secret stories have been discovered that show the connections with slavery, a community in change after a massive explosion, viruses, and the influence of nature and wildlife during a pandemic.

“I had the idea for this project during lockdown 2020, sitting at home and needing to savour and find out more about these areas that are all within a 4km radius of where I live. I wanted to work with regional artists only and have socially distanced walks with them in these places, just looking, chatting, researching, and meeting people, gradually peeling back the layers to reveal stories that are not just history but part of people’s everyday lives who have lived here.” – Alan.

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