Samsung to discontinue Bixby Vision’s AR features
Bixby Vision

Samsung to discontinue Bixby Vision’s AR features

Bixby Samsung’s virtual assistant provides a Google Lens-like feature, which is known as Bixby Vision. It allows users to look for products online, translate words, identify landmarks, etc. Bixby also has a dedicated augmented reality Zone that offers features like the ability to create AR stickers and emoji. However, per Android Police report, these augmented reality features may not be available in the future.

Samsung is pushing a notice to users trying through the stock camera app, which mentions that Samsung will stop supporting these AR features by the end of October.  

It is not known if Samsung plans to remove all or some of the features in the AR Zone. Also, Samsung is only withdrawing support for Bixby Vision’s AR features, and this should not have an effect other features like the Scene Describer, Quick Reader, and Color Detector.

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