New AR Apps Launched to Teach Students about Agriculture in Indiana
AR Agriculture Learning App

New AR Apps Launched to Teach Students about Agriculture in Indiana

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To mark the occasion of the National Agriculture Day, the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture will jointly launch new augmented reality applications for students to facilitate learning about agriculture.

“The ability for students to learn about our diverse agricultural systems through a cutting-edge experience like augmented reality is outstanding,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch. “The hard work put into these education modules from the State Fairgrounds staff will help capture our children’s minds while also serving as a good representation of our agriculture industries in Indiana.”

The objective of the platform is to immerse and excite Hoosier students about the practices, products, and careers in three distinct Indiana agricultural sectors. The apps can be accessed on a mobile device or a school tablet by scanning a QR code.

“These apps help to deliver an education to students in a unique and engaging way,” said Cindy Hoye, Executive Director, Indiana State Fair Commission. “We also plan to offer these augmented reality experiences to our guests at the 2021 Indiana State Fair, so that’s exciting as well.”

Each of the three apps focused on the three individual sectors packs an animated video overview of the industry and a narrated quiz for students to ensure content retention. It also leads the students towards exploring several career options in agriculture upon the completion of the experiences.

The apps are available for download for free on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

A grant from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture facilitated the funding for the development of the apps. Beck’s Hybrids for the Indiana Crops Experience also provided additional funding and expertise. The Indiana Hardwood Lumberman’s Association and the American Dairy Association of Indiana helped to develop the Indiana Hardwoods Experience and the Indiana Dairy Experience.

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