MMITA Launches Revolutionary Mobile App: A Unique Social Platform Integrating Augmented Reality

MMITA Launches Revolutionary Mobile App: A Unique Social Platform Integrating Augmented Reality

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Hong Kong-based augmented reality (AR) platform Meet Me In Astral (MMITA) has launched its smartphone app on the App Store and Google Play. The app allows users to interact with AR content and share their experiences wherever they are. The app provides a virtual environment where users can discover, interact and contribute creatively to their own content.

MMITA uses AR technology to provide a personalized experience to its users. Through the MMITA platform, individuals can create and share their unique digital content, including media, art, avatars, and more, and integrate it into the real-world environment using their smartphones. Other app users can view and capture these virtual objects as photos or videos from their cameras.

MMITA offers a unique, integrated map with AR objects at various control points. Users can navigate the map to find these items and capture them using the app. Once collected, these objects can be stored in the user’s “backpack” and placed in various parts of the AR world, allowing personal interaction.

In addition to AR studies, MMİTA also follows new media. Users can share their virtual creations by posting them on MMITA’s local social network. Also, users can connect with existing friends on the MMITA platform or expand their reach by posting on popular social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. This integration allows users to interact with multiple audiences and showcase their creative ideas in the virtual world.

MMITA CEO Gene Kim is excited about the launch of the platform and the unique opportunity it offers for users to interact with the world around them. He believes MMITA will revolutionize the AR industry.

MMITA has released its software development kit (SDK) and encourages game and app developers and content creators to be early adopters of the new AR environment. The platform expects an increase in useful, fun, and profitable additions on its own and through the efforts of partners and developers interested in selling AR games and apps on the platform. MMITA aims to support the success of new AR experiences that meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

The MMITA mobile app has many potential uses in the future. These include AR interactive games that enhance the customer experience, virtual graphics that bring exhibits to life, and use 3D AR chatbots as virtual receptionists. In addition, the platform offers local institutions the opportunity to focus on solving advertising problems on a large scale or individually, creating dialogue and discussing ads.

To further enhance the AR experience, the MMITA team worked with a hardware developer specializing in AR glasses. Collaboration is designed to provide users with a more immersive and integrated experience. MMITA aims to push the boundaries of AR by integrating cutting-edge technologies and creating new possibilities for users to interact with the virtual world around them.

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