Literacy Matters to Help Students Learn from Home through a Free App
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Literacy Matters to Help Students Learn from Home through a Free App

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The amount of challenges the parents, especially the ones with younger kids, have endured through the pandemic is enormous. The hardest one of them being teaching and tutoring their kids at home.

Flash Doodle, an augmented reality app by Literacy Matters, is set to bring relief to their plight by bringing in technologically advanced ways of teaching and learning.

“We needed something now for families that are struggling at home with zero to 5-year-olds,” said, Deb Mallin, the founder of the Minnesota-based nonprofit.

He believes the platform also has enormous potential to assist families with children who have dyslexia, ADHD, and other disabilities to have an enhanced learning experience.

The augmented reality-powered app uses the familiarity of cartoons to gamify the learning experience by asking the kids to look for a cartoon character within their surroundings and aids them to sound out words. It is based on Might Doodle, an already established platform by the company.

Talking about the children who had a great time using the app, Mallin said, “Littles, really littles, 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds through 8-year-olds – we have older children who didn’t always know that some of these sounds and letters go together.”

Might Doodle has proved to be a success in 10 schools across the state with another 7 ready to integrate it into their learning environment. It is also expected to roll out in two of Minnesota’s biggest school districts soon.

Mallin is passionate about innovating the learning space for kids by creating new interactive ways that serve the purpose. The launch of the app was in the works well before the pandemic, but the platform does present itself as an amazing solution to the parents due to the spike in kids learning from home.

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