Domino Launches AR Application to Strengthen Its Service Capabilities
Domino AR Application

Domino Launches AR Application to Strengthen Its Service Capabilities

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To provide real-time, remote visual support for customers worldwide, Domino has launched an augmented reality (AR) application called SafeGuard AR. It will help strengthen its service capabilities with efficient production line fixes without any physical presence.

“Uptime and overall equipment efficiency are of the utmost importance to our customers. When unplanned downtime is due to coding and marking equipment, it can be both costly and frustrating for them,” stated Eddie Storan, Head of Global Service at Domino.

“As coding typically sits towards the end of the production line, a faulty system can have a huge impact through the wasted stock and rework, with the added commercial and brand risk of product recalls and punitive fines.”

“We realized the value of AR in enabling our customers to manage both simple and complex cases, reducing the need for in-house skills and competencies,” added Saverio Barbero Lodigiani, Group Service Project Manager at Domino.

“With SafeGuard AR, our experts can work with our customers, OEM partners, or even Domino service engineers to manage complex installations, check line performance, and – crucially – identify and fix problems with machinery as and when they arise.”

This would allow service engineers to seamlessly collaborate with customers and gain a better understanding of a problem. It would help them to guide a customer to implement a fix themselves safely.

Moreover, even if a site visit is unavoidable, the engineer can gain a thorough understanding of the issue prior and be prepared with all necessary materials to rectify the problem. This would enormously increase the first-time fix rate and bring down the case resolution time.

“At Domino, we are committed to continuously improving our industry-leading expertise to provide fast and efficient support to our customers,” said Storan.

“This is dependent not just on our products and solutions, but also on the quality and technical capability of our global service organization. With SafeGuard AR in conjunction with Domino Cloud, we can offer a higher level of support which in turn provides additional customer value in terms of reduced downtime and improved production efficiency.”

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