Meet One of the Most Popular Pokemon: Gengar
Pokemon Gengar

Meet One of the Most Popular Pokemon: Gengar

One of the most well-known establishments that have landed in our palms in recent times is definitely Pokemon Go. The game in a real sense encourages the players to venture to the far corners of the planet in a quest to obtain a wide range of Pokemon and find their way through the remarkable journey.

Utilizing trendy innovations like augmented reality and GPS, the game has brought about a remarkably creative and contemporary approach towards gaming. While there can be several Pokemon that players can catch in the game, Pokemon Go Gengar is a unique one.

Gengar was one of the first Pokemon seen by people during the Pilot episode of the Pokemon series. It is a popular first-generation Pokemon found in the Kanto region. Gengar evolution doesn’t exist since it is the last stage of evolution for Ghastly. To facilitate the Haunter to Gengar evolution, players must part with 100 Candy within the game. This ghost-type Pokemon is extremely naughty and messes around quite a bit with trainers in the wild.

Gengar was shown fighting in one of the biggest Pokemon Tournaments in the Pilot episode and is an extremely strong Pokemon. Every player desires to have this one in their collection. It can absolutely obliterate its enemies once the player gets familiar with its best moveset, stats, and weaknesses.

Pokemon Go was created by Niantic. The game uses portable GPS to find, catch, fight, and train virtual Pokémon that closely resemble to be set up in reality.

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