XRHealth to Introduce NeuroReality’s Cognitive Training to Its Virtual Clinics

XRHealth to Introduce NeuroReality’s Cognitive Training to Its Virtual Clinics

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The gateway to the healthcare metaverse, XRHealth, is adding NeuroReality’s cognitive training to its virtual clinics in the form of Koji’s Quest, a fully immersive virtual reality neuro-rehab experience offered by the latter.

The startup created the experience for those who experience the aftereffects of stroke and brain traumas. It takes patients through exercises intended to help them restore normal functioning in their daily lives.

“We find that patients enjoy the game-like therapy experiences and are more likely to stick with the prescribed programs since they are engaging from the comfort of their home,” said Eran Orr, Founder & CEO of XRHealth.

NeuroReality uses gamification, AI, and paradigms from traditional rehabilitation to rewire the brain and create new pathways to help patients relearn how to engage in things they performed before the injury. It is founded on the idea of neuroplasticity and other neuroscientific ideas.

The rehabilitation activities concentrate primarily on enhancing executive functioning, memory, response time, accuracy, numerical manipulation, and divided and selective attention. In the context of everyday tasks like adding up money, visiting the shop, following a recipe, and more, cognitive abilities are essential.

The cognitive training technology is utilized for patients with brain injuries or cognitive deficiencies, such as post-concussion syndrome, stroke victims, COVID patients, or recently left the intensive care unit.

Six training modules in NeuroReality are accompanied by a virtual assistant that helps patients through every step of the procedure. It is highly beneficial for users who aren’t working with a healthcare practitioner.

Depending on the users’ success, each application features a dynamic difficulty progression that automatically changes the complexity of tasks. In addition, NeuroReality has a system that allows patients to experience their advancement by seeing the “Tree of Life” blossom or a seed bloom in the “Garden of Zen.”

It also involves meditation techniques for patients undergoing rigorous cognitive rehabilitation to unwind from the severity of the activities.

“NeuroReality provides continuous neuro rehabilitation to close that gap so that patients can recover quicker and appreciate each step in the rehabilitation process,” said Faviola Brugger-Dadis, Founder of NeuroReality.

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