Oculus Update to Enable Mixed Reality Capture on iPhone XS and Later
Mixed Reality Capture on iPhone XS

Oculus Update to Enable Mixed Reality Capture on iPhone XS and Later

An update for the Oculus Quest headsets is just around the corner, and the Live Overlay casting is one of the most exciting features to make its debut. The novel variant of the mixed reality casting can be used with an iPhone XS or later, which has significantly reduced the excessive hardware required for capturing a mixed reality view.

The Verge had reported that the Live Overlay casting would be the headlining new feature launched by Oculus for version 29 of its software for the Quest and Quest 2 headsets. The feature will make it convenient to capture a mixed reality view of you “using VR superimposed over the content displayed in your headset.” Oculus verified that any VR app would be compatible with Live Overlay casting.

The feature will work with the updated version of the Oculus iOS app on the iPhone XS or later, but it might not be accessible to everyone just yet.

The Verge highlighted that introducing Live Overlay casting to iPhone is a significant technical achievement and commented that:

“The company’s previous solution, its Mixed Reality Capture Tool on PC for Quest and Rift S, required a bunch of expensive hardware, including a rig with 16GB of RAM, a decent graphics card, your own 1080p webcam, a 5GHz Wi-Fi router, and – of course – your own green screen. But for lucky iOS users who get the app update, Oculus’s improved feature has eliminated the need for almost all of those gadgets. You just need your headset and your phone.”

Nevertheless, Apple also has its own VR/AR headset under development. We can expect to see the first renditions of the product as early as 2022 and look forward to a launch in 2025.

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