VueXR Creates Free XR Media Publishing Platform in the U.S. and India

VueXR Creates Free XR Media Publishing Platform in the U.S. and India

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VueXR has released a platform bringing AR, AR, and mixed reality to Android and iOS smartphones globally. Viewers engage with content more passively while engaging in spatially real-world interactive media in the future. As we cross the junction of 5G data and supercomputing to augment 3D digital assets in our physical space, we make sharing ideas more streamlined, engaging, and intuitive.

VueXR founders, Sanket and Ankit, realized a gap in XR technology’s commercialization. They visioned a world where XR computing would revolutionize the future’s storytelling. Their creation, VueXR allows users to use XR as a platform to communicate ideas.

“VueXR will transform the way people engage with XR media content in their daily lives.” – CEO Sanket Kale.

Historically, people have talked about ideas through imagery and video. While now, this can be achieved by leveraging XR to move around the digital space. Send XR wishes, share XR emojis, share XR game trailers, showcase animated XR movie trailers, share educational concepts in XR, XR tutorials, and showcase XR architecture.

With VueXR, users can create immersive and interactive XR experiences on their personal XR channels. VueXR’s discovery lies within its novel set of APIs and algorithms, working independently of AR SDKs. Users can develop assets within a personalized channel which can be shared globally. Engagement features like XR selfies and location-based geotag allow users to tag their footprints.

“XR is more than just a trend. People need to explore it to its full potential. VueXR lets you explore creativity in XR right through your smartphones.” – COO Ankit Patel.

VueXR is one of its kind end-to-end XR media publishing platform which can be used by users for free. VueXR is anyone’s entry-level XR solution, making sharing ideas in XR easy.  VueXR shows real-life architectural compositions using GPS, taking virtual reality tours, exploring custom interior designs, and creating a 3D music album, among others.

In the future VueXR plans rolling out applications for Mixed Reality headset devices like Oculus, Hololens, Nreal, MagicLeap, Jio Glass, and Vuzix allowing buyers to experience things in XR.

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