Top Tier K9 Launches an Exceptional Virtual Reality Dog Training Program
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Top Tier K9 Launches an Exceptional Virtual Reality Dog Training Program

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The leading global dog trainer school, Top Tier K9, has launched an exceptional Virtual Reality Dog Training Program, in partnership with the technology company Saritasa, to enable shelters, dog trainers, and owners to practice how to train dogs correctly within a virtual environment.

Top Tier K9 has carved a reputation as one of the top dog trainer schools globally, providing training for both people and dogs directly. They offer programs to help individuals become professional dog trainers and successful business owners offering several products and services in the domain. Through the trademarked Foundation Dog® Program, the company also trains working dogs for roles in the military, security, police, sports, and more.

However, Top Tier K9 deduced that the primary challenge with dog training is not training the dogs but training the humans or their owners who are supposed to manage them. Poor or incorrect training methods can enforce destructive behaviors and encourage undesirable responses from the dog.

The current training methods offered by all of its competitors use processes involving direct contact with actual dogs. It poses a risk of permanently impacting a dog’s behavioral patterns. Using videos for this purpose, however, has proven to be ineffective.

Therefore, Top Tier K9 decided to partner with Saritasa, a pioneering custom software development, and technology company, to develop a unique training solution catered to the pet industry. Saritasa deployed VR to realize this goal, building a training platform in Unity for Meta Quest 2. It’s the world’s first platform providing dog trainers, handlers, and owners with high-quality immersive training programs.

“My vision is for dog owners to adopt this tool to practice training a virtual dog before they work with their own dog,” said Jeff Minder, CEO & Founder of Top Tier K9.

Aaron Franko, VP of Immersive Technology in Saritasa, also remarked that the initiative could open several more doors for using VR technology for previously unimagined avenues.

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