Tokyo Game Show Deploys VR to Deliver an Exciting Experience to Its Attendees
Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show Deploys VR to Deliver an Exciting Experience to Its Attendees

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The Tokyo Game Show is resorting to virtual reality to deliver an exciting experience to the attendees amid the pandemic. The virtual venues include a maritime fortress and a watchtower floating in the sky. The participants can access these via Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headset or a browser on PCs and smartphones.

Gamers can take up customized avatars to go around the space, check out the exhibition booths of several game developers, and interact with other attendees. They would also have the opportunity to cross paths with various game characters and collect special items to unlock exclusive possibilities during the event.

The expo offered a conventional online version in 2020, but the game developers wanted to go a step further this year. The expo will feature its first-ever music festival this year, with a full-blown orchestra performing tunes from iconic games such as the hit series Final Fantasy.

The convention has partnered with Japanese tour agency HIS to offer free offline tours of the venue as tour guides will physically visit the booths to provide a first-hand-like experience to gaming enthusiasts.

This year’s event will see the participation of over 300 companies from all across the globe with their latest developments. It is also a massive platform for developers to interact and foster partnerships.

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