Thera Inc., a VR start-up, introduces behavioral health VR telehealth platform
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Thera Inc., a VR start-up, introduces behavioral health VR telehealth platform

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Thera, a virtual reality start-up, has launched a behavioral health telemedicine platform for children. Thera Inc. has received a contract from Texas Children’s Hospital to offer them the telemedicine platform.

Thera Inc. has developed a VR-telemedicine software platform for psychiatric and mental health services for the U.S. market. The company plans to launch it in the UAE and Europe soon. The patent-pending platform offers telehealth to more than seven different platforms for doctors and patients to meet in virtual reality. Apart from hospitals, Thera’s clients include school psychologists, addictions centers, and licensed clinicians in private practice. The telemedicine platform is available on a subscription basis to patients and providers.

“This is a new generation of telemedicine, live streaming virtual reality telehealth, but with avatar technology and biometric tracking. This is our goal – focus on pediatrics and let children feel safe with their providers. After a year, we are so excited to have our first telehealth platform for hospital use.” – Erin Bogdanski, CEO of Thera VR.

The company also advocates for the utilization of supporting PsychPact to provide cross border counseling during the ongoing COVID-19 situation to help underprivileged communities, particularly children.

Along with this deal, Thera will also service around 130-140 local schools as part of a grant obtained by the pediatrics hospital. A nine-month contract comes when requests from educational institutions and hospitals have increased by around 300%.

“Thera VR believes that VR will offer a more effective alternative to Zoom, which has quickly become the go-to for clinicians in response to Covid -19. Zoom’s problem is that young adults and minors have a hard time keeping engaged and will lose interest very quickly. There is a much higher chance of keeping the patient’s interest, disarming them so that they will open up, and share their issues in Thera VR.” – Byron Booker, Head of Business Development and COO.

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