Immersive Tech to release hyper-immersive interactive VR attraction
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Immersive Tech to release hyper-immersive interactive VR attraction

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Immersive Tech based out of Vancouver is releasing a new LBE (Location-Based Entertainment) virtual reality franchise division identified as UNCONTAINED. The new division will help Immersive Tech leverage the increasing demand from the company’s Family Entertainment Centre customers for COVID-19 safe outdoor attractions.

UNCONTAINED will be a first of its kind free-roam hyper-immersive interactive virtual reality attraction developed for a COVID world. The experience will allow a maximum of 6 players to walk freely within the shipping container while communicating with the team inside a digital environment.

Utilizing the containers as an effective platform enables a standardized build, allowing mass production, minimal setup time on location, and easy transportation, requiring only five parking spots.

According to Tim Bieber, CEO of Immersive Tech, the UNCONTAINED virtual reality experience is in a promising technology position to fill the void created by the closure of the VOID location-based VR attractions.

“It’s unfortunate that ‘The VOID’ was unable to succeed in finding a sustainable business model and continue to innovate for the LBVR industry. UNCONTAINED is the next strategic step to bring free-roam hyper-immersive VR experiences to a broader audience, backed further with a scalable franchise business model.” – Tim Bieber, CEO of Immersive Tech.

The UNCONTAINED VR experience takes free-roam arcade virtual reality and raises it to a new level, with a complete range of environmental haptic feedback for an immersive experience. This is accomplished by dynamic blasts of heat and cold, environmental audio, and motion floors.

Immersive Tech is a VST (Victory Square Technologies) portfolio company.

“With the AR & VR entertainment industry poised to explode in 2021, we expect guests to be seeking new, exciting, and safe attractions that immerse one’s senses and provide unsurpassed memories and fun.” – Shafin Diamond Tejani, CEO, VST.

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