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As part of’s partnerships with Southampton FC, has built a unique VIP experience that uses VR to recreate matchday scenario at home. Fans can watch complete 360° videos of football matches on their mobile devices as a part of this new initiative.

This concept focuses on leveraging’s matchday rights to engage fans and tutor them about cryptocurrency. As part of the initiative, all influencers are given a Bitcoin value, which they can use to create their own VIP experience, like a front-row seat or a stadium tour with a club legend. uses its football partnerships to enhance the fan experience by combining cryptocurrency expertise with cutting-edge technology, to deliver experiences that reward the global fanbase of Southampton and customers.

The first VR experience was released in the month of December 2020 before Southampton FC’s game against Manchester City.

“We think cryptocurrency has a big future in football, and we’re right behind it. Alongside fan experiences like this, we’ve just seen the first Bitcoin transfer take place where a footballer was purchased using cryptocurrency and signed for DUX Internacional de Madrid, and earlier this year NFL pro footballer Russell Okung said he’s getting his salary in Bitcoin. We’re likely to see more of the same – from clubs finding new ways to engage with fans on a matchday to the way business is done at the top of the game.” – Tim Heath, Founder, Coingaming Group.

The content is presented to influencers via the Pico neo2 headset by Pico Interactive, which specialize in providing virtual reality solutions for business in the USA, Canada, Africa, and Asia, and Europe. The 360-degree video content is available on the Sportsbet YouTube Channel.

“As a club, our digital approach has always looked to redefine the content status-quo and we were excited at the shared values between ourselves and the team. The work that is currently ongoing is a pleasure to be involved with and we want to ensure as many of our fans are experiencing that St Mary’s nostalgia as possible. We cannot wait for the full return of our fans but in the meantime, has found an innovative way to ensure our club and fans can stay connected.” – David Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer, Southampton Football Club.

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