Sinclair Community College to Host VR Tours for Tech Prep Students amid the Pandemic
Sinclair Community College

Sinclair Community College to Host VR Tours for Tech Prep Students amid the Pandemic

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High school students interested in taking admission at the Sinclair Community College can now experience the college tour without ever stepping foot on campus using virtual reality technology.

The college hosts thousands of tech prep students each year, but due to the safety restrictions in place because of the pandemic, the in-person for Sinclair’s facilities and programs have been made virtual.

Dayton Business, Cody Brown Creative is helping the college create 360-degree virtual reality videos of the tour that can be viewed through high-tech goggles. The tech students, especially those interested in Health Care and HVAC programs, are set to benefit from this initiative and get a glimpse of life on campus.

“We were trying to think of a way that we could bring this experience to students without it being another zoom call or another video link. Something that would be a little more engaging and kind of fun,” said Laura Hinkebein, Director of Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium with Sinclair.

The virtual tours have been attended by 133 students already, and 77 percent of these participants were more interested in Sinclair’s programs after going through the experience.

“It felt like I was actually there,” stated Kaila Frotten, a student at Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC).

“I think it’s important since you can’t personally go there. So this technology helps you see what’s there,” shared Paras Rajan another MVCTC student.

“I liked how it made me feel like [I was] really there walking around the room. I liked all of the details you could see up close,” said Olivia Roark, who also attends MVCTC.

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