SB22 Unveils the First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Reality Betting Platform

SB22 Unveils the First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Reality Betting Platform

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The immersive betting and transactional platform SB22 unveiled VR22, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality betting platform that integrates betting technology with 360-degree live game streaming.

The platform aims to deliver ‘next generation engagement’ by giving sports fans front-row seats at sporting events and the option to engage via sports betting technology. Fans can place live wagers, participate in in-game activities, and win team merchandise, including NFTs.

“There’s simply nothing like it. With this game-changing experience, fans can interact in ways they have never been able to before. We are excited to help shape the future of the industry at SB22,” said Mark Savkovic, CTO of SB22. 

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, the VR22 technology uses hand tracking to provide customized offers and promotions. SB22’s technology should be available for sports betting operators, sports leagues, and professional sports teams, though they acknowledged that this product has the potential to extend beyond that.

According to Keith Wall, VP of Sports Commercial at FanDuel, this application is ‘truly immersive’ and ‘highly innovative.’

FanDuel’s nod hints that it may be thinking of merging its pioneering platform with VR22, though no specific plans have been mentioned. A launch date for this product hasn’t been specified either.

Here, SB22 is breaking into a largely untapped market. Games that are live streamed via online sportsbooks or sports lounges at stadiums/casinos would be the closest to this type of technology. Even then, contrary to what VR22 claims, you are not in the ‘best seats at a game.’

It will be interesting to see how this competes with ticket sales to games. The pandemic taught us that remote technologies might significantly ease daily life. Given the rise in remote work since the epidemic, it wouldn’t be altogether shocking if in-person viewership fell slightly when/if VR22 gains traction.

SB22 is based in Dallas, Texas, although Belgrade, Serbia, is where its technology hub is managed. Over 60 senior-level engineers are contributing to advancing this vision of the future of sports betting, which was first introduced in 2021.

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